Time to Turn Over a New Leaf: When and How to Repot Your Plants

Hello, Aussie plant lovers! Regardless of whether you hail from the tropical vibes of Queensland, the wintry chills of Tasmania, or the magnificent landscapes of Western Australia, one thing's for certain: We all share a passion for our plants. At Switchapot HQ, we're discussing one of the most important (and often overlooked) aspects of plant care: repotting. Here are seven crucial steps for successful repotting, to ensure your plants flourish all year round.
  1. Recognise the Signs
Your plant will often tell you when it's time for a bigger home. The most obvious signal is roots poking out from the drainage holes. If your plant also dries out quickly, or its growth has stunted, it may be time to repot.
  1. Choose the Right Season
The best time to repot most indoor plants in Australia is during spring. Plants are bursting out of their winter dormancy and are ready to grow. Repotting in spring gives them the fresh soil and space they need to support this growth spurt.
  1. Select the Perfect Pot
Start by choosing a new pot that's one size bigger than the current one, with sufficient drainage. Avoid the temptation to overpot; too much damp soil can lead to root rot.
  1. Gently Remove the Plant
Carefully take the plant out of its current pot, ensuring as much of the root ball stays intact as possible.
  1. Prune the Roots
Before moving your plant to its new home, prune any dead or overly long roots. This helps the plant adjust better to its new environment and promotes healthier growth.
  1. Repot with Fresh Potting Mix
Place some fresh potting mix into the bottom of the new pot. The top of the plant's root ball should be just below the rim of the pot. Fill the pot with more potting mix, pressing lightly to firm it.
  1. Aftercare
After repotting, water your plant thoroughly and place it in a location with indirect light for a few days to minimise stress. This helps your plant recover and adapt to its new home.
There you have it – a simple yet comprehensive guide to repotting your plants in seven easy steps. As a responsible plant parent, understanding when and how to repot can help your green companions thrive. Happy repotting, Australia!
repotting station for plants