How to Make a Plant Pot

How to Make a Plant Pot?

Path to an Evergreen Home Garden!

From preparing plant pots and planting rich, magnificent flowers to taking care of the lawn, the entire process is undoubtedly therapeutic.

However, most plant lovers struggle with the first part, i.e., making plant pots. Fortunately, it’s not something out of this world, and anyone passionate about greenery can learn it.

Plus, it also provides flexibility since you are free to decorate your garden with unique pot shapes and styles.

Want to hone the skill of creating plant pots? Follow along to discover plenty of ways to create rich artistic plant pots!

Making Plant Pots Like a Pro!

You can make plant pots in numerous ways, but we’ll discuss two primary methods: cement and ceramic pots.

Let’s start with the popular cement method.

How to Make Cement Plant Pots?

The process is simple, but you’ll need to be extra careful when handling cement/concrete. Therefore, it’s recommended to get nitrile gloves and goggles. Here’s how you can make cement pots:

1. Mix Cement with Water

Find a safe container, tub, or bucket to mix water and cement. Make sure to follow a 4:1 ratio when mixing cement with water.

2. Choose Your Mold

Of course, you’ll want your pots to have a specific shape and size. The best part? It depends on your creativity, and you’re free to choose any suitable container that will form an appropriate mold.

Cardboard boxes, cartons, and plastic containers are some popular choices.

3. Add Mixture to the Mold

Pour the cement mixture halfway through your mold container and add a plastic cup/water bottle inside the mold. This additional mold acts as a placeholder where you’ll keep your plants.

In addition to this, add several pebbles to your placeholder cup to weigh it down.

4. Remove the Pot from the Container

Once the mixture has taken shape and dried, you can reveal the shape by turning the container upside down.

Additional Tips

If you want to add a different color to the pot, use a pigment during mixing.

Secondly, drainage holes are essential in pots. To make one, add a ¼” high straw in the mold and use hot glue at the bottom.

Oh, and don’t forget to use sandpaper to smooth the pot edges and ensure a sleek finish.

How to Make Ceramic Pots?

Ceramic pots are even easier, but you must bake them in a kiln. Here’s what you should do:

1. Get a Wedge Clay

Find wedge clay which is entirely free of air bubbles. The reason to choose such a clay is to avoid its  explosion in the kiln.

 Once you have it, transform the clay into a ball form.

2. Thumb Centering and Smoothing

Form an initial pinch by pressing your thumbs into the center. Gently press it further using your thumb and index finger to smooth it out perfectly.

3. Flame On!

After forming the mold shape, leave it out to dry for a day or so. Once dried, you can start bisque firing, transforming the clay into ceramics.

4. Glaze Time!

Once the pot is cooled, use your creativity to glaze and shine the ceramic pots in innumerable designs.

Parting Thoughts;

After developing beautiful pots using one of the above methods, all you need to do is find stunning flowers and shrubs to add to the pots. Simple, isn’t it?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Happy Gardening!

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