How to Arrange Plants in Living Room

A living room with plants not only purifies the air but also elevates your mood. Besides being beneficial to your health, these plants will also add a touch of class and elegance to your living area.

The arrangement of plants in your living room can help you gain all of these benefits. If you are having trouble arranging greenery in your living room, read this blog until the end.

Ceramic plant pot with zesty green colour.

Things to Consider for Arranging Plants in Living Room

Indoor Plants Have Different Rules

You cannot treat your indoor plants the way you have been treating your outdoor ones. When growing indoor plants, you must consider several considerations to achieve that picture-perfect living room.

Indoor plants must be taken care of differently to promote their growth and keep the area free of any pests or mess. Understand the type of indoor plant you are going to bring home and what its needs are.

Sunlight Requirements

Before you place any plant in your living area, you need to research its mechanism for blooming. For example, some plants might require low sunlight, whereas, at the same time, others may need more light.

Suppose you take a low-light plant; you would have to store it in a dark place. In contrast, if you get a high-light plant, you might have to place it in a spot where it can receive more light.

Plant Size

One or more huge plants can be purchased if your living area is particularly spacious. The areca palm, snake plant, and umbrella papyrus are some good examples of huge plants. You can place them in a corner, next to a window, or on your cozy sofa.

On the other hand, if you have a compact living room, you can go for little indoor plants. In contrast to larger plants that occupy a lot of space, little plants are fantastic for any room. You can also decorate these tiny plants with pebbles, sand, and sea shells.

The majority of succulent and cactus plants, as well as the spider plant, are some of the coolest tiny plants you can get for your living room. You can arrange these on your coffee table, bookshelves, console, or even at the side table.

Choose Colorful Pots

You must employ the appropriate pots and planters now that most of your plant considerations have been addressed. Both the plants you will place in them and these containers are significant. When looking for the pots, ensure you get those that complement your living area and the furniture present there. Switchapot stock a stunning range of ceramic planter pots, hanging pots and pedestal pots.

If you like to keep it classy and elegant, you can choose neutral colors like beige or brown. However, you can always play with various colors if you want to play it cool rather than dull and boring.     

Decide the placement & arrange indoor plants

Once your plants and pots are ready, you have to decide on their placement. One important thing here is to position your plants in the spots where they will survive. In short, you must choose a location where the plants will thrive and have the most natural light and humidity.

Some of our favorite locations to arrange plants in the living room are;

  • On the floor
  • On the Shelves
  • On a coffee table
  • Besides or on the top of a fireplace

Bottom Line

Getting your living all green with beautiful plants is indeed one exciting task. Now that you know how to arrange plants in the living room, start working on it. Make sure to water and look after these tiny babies carefully. Best of luck!

pink planter pot
Our Paris Planter in Soft Pink