Benefits of Having a Decorative Plant Pot

Plants give us the oxygen we need, for the lungs and the soul

~Linda Solegato


Firstly, what is a cachepot?

Well, it's like any other planter pot, but with a few exceptions. It’s usually made from materials like ceramic, glass, or even tin. They usually don’t have a drainage hole at the bottom to let out excess water, so they need to be emptied after a while. We do this because some plants may have root damage after excess water has been left sitting at the bottom of the plant pot. Another reason for not having a drainage hole is to save the surface your pot is sitting on from any damage due to dampness.


On the other hand, there are loads of benefits for getting yourself one. When you buy some species of plant or flowers from the market, it usually comes in a regular plastic nursery pot. Now, what if you wanted to place that beautiful African violet you bought in the living room, where your parents sit?  It needs to look presentable and match the surrounding décor. That's where you would need a Switchapot planter pot.

Having double pots for plants is good for the longevity of your household verdure, they can reduce damage and stress if you immediately repot your new beautiful Monstera into another planter. Many plants can also end up with damaged roots if you overwater them, which eventually kills the plant.
Happiness is, holding flowers in both hands
~Japanese Proverb
When you choose planter pots you are allowing yourself to incorporate a beautiful flower or a lively plant into your home while not creating a mess. There are numerous health benefits from embracing nature in your life. Not only is it a good habit to garden your plants indoors, but it's also a good outlet. During this pandemic, a recent study published in the journal Urban Forestry & Urban Greening said that:
According to the research, which assessed over 4,000 people from across the world, having plants at home improved mental well-being for around 74% of the participants during lockdowns. They also concluded that those who had some sort of natural greenery present inside their homes gave off less negative emotions compared to those who didn’t. So this is substantial evidence that being close to nature, is never a bad idea. So when you’re out and about don’t forget to give a little plant a home, right there next to your bedside, in its cozy cache pot. Cachepots, like ours, are usually inexpensive and go a long way.
The love of gardening is a seed once sown, will never die
~Gertrude Jekyll
Lastly, we would like to give you some tips on how to maintain your very own planter pots. First, you should make sure your cache pot is big enough to house another plant pot. We’ve made it easier for you and created a range of ceramic pots that come with plastic growing pots here at Switchapot. Whenever you need to water your plant, you take out the inner plant pot, water it, leave it to drain over a sink or outside, then place it back in its cache pot.